Puppy Grooming

March 30, 2019

Why Puppy Grooming Is Important

While it has been hammered into most of us the importance of housebreaking and socialization at an early age, one aspect that is often over looked in the beginning is the importance of a healthy grooming routine. Now, you may be thinking, “Her hair is still short she doesn’t need to be groomed!” While a haircut may not be necessary right away, it’s still important to introduce your new best friend to grooming. Because odds are that at some point down the road you’re going to need to visit a groomer, whether it is for a hair cut, a de-shed treatment, or even just a nail trim.

Emotional Comfort

Grooming salons can be loud and hectic places that are filled with all sorts of unfamiliar sights and smells. This can be very overwhelming to dogs, causing anxiety or fear, if they haven’t been properly introduced to grooming. One of the best ways to help avoid your dog being anxious at the groomer is to arrange some mock visits. Once you’ve chosen a groomer, ask them if you can bring your puppy by for an introduction. Bring some treats with you that your groomer can give to the puppy so they associate the groomer with a positive experience. Some groomers even have Puppy Plans to help with the introduction to grooming. These are scheduled visits that may include a simple bath or brush out at a reduced price. This helps ease your puppy into a grooming routine and allows them to build trust with a groomer. It is always better to be proactive rather than waiting until your dog is in dire need of a hair cut and throwing them into an unfamiliar situation where they’re expected to sit still next to sharp shears and clipper blades.

Health and Safety

More than just keeping your puppy smelling and looking great, puppy grooming can help get ahead of certain health issues. While there is usually never a shortage of pets and belly rubs at home, how often do you actually look your dog’s skin over from head to toe? During the bathing and drying process groomers get an up close look at every inch of your dog. This allows them to find any skin irritations, fleas, ticks, or abnormalities that owners may otherwise miss.

Groomers will also be able to safely clean the dogs ears preventing possible infections. Some dog breeds need more ear maintenance than others and a groomer can help you learn about your individual dog’s needs. Trimming the nails is another important service groomers can safely provide. There are blood vessels in the nails and if the nail is cut too short it can be painful and bleed. While some dog owners are perfectly comfortable clipping their own dog’s nails, you may find yourself feeling a little uncertain. If that’s the case it is best to leave that task to the groomer, or at the very least have a groomer teach you how to do it safely.

Better For Everyone

In the end, getting your puppy used to the groomer at an early age is just better for everyone. Your puppy gets to take fun filled field trips where they will be spoiled, pampered, and doted on. You get the reassurance that your best friend is being looked over from nose to tail by a professional on a regular basis. Most animals thrive on routine, so please don’t overlook the importance of grooming at an early age. After all, who doesn’t love cuddling up to a freshly bathed and super soft puppy?

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