Inclusive & Flexible Grooming

Grooming Tailored To Your Needs

At Square Dog Grooming Company we believe every pet who walks through our door deserves the royal treatment. We will never make you pick and choose from an a la carte menu. Our grooming services are all inclusive so you won’t have to ever worry about being charged extra to get the extra special touches. Every appointment will include our premium blueberry facial scrub, top of the line shampoo and conditioners, deshed treatment when necessary, nails filed smooth in addition to clipping, handmade accessories, and pet friendly cologne. Painted nails and gland expression is also free of charge and available upon request.

We also accomodate flexible appointment scheduling. We typically ask for 2-3 hours per grooming appointment. If you are unale to pick up you pet immediately upon completion of the groom, they are welcome to stay with us until end of business hours. If you prefer your pet to have an express groom, we are happy to accomodate as scheduling allows. Please keep in mind we will always put what’s in the pet’s best interest as top priority. Some elderly and special needs dog do best with frequent breaks during the grooming process, thus extending the time we will need to complete the appointment.

If you have any special scheduling requests please notify us at the time of booking the appointment so we can plan accordingly.

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