Puppy Package

Up to 12 weeks of unlimited grooming visits for $150

At Square Dog Grooming Company we understand the benefits of familiarizing dogs with grooming at a young age. Most puppies will not require full grooming services for several months but that shouldn’t prevent you from visiting a groomer. Puppies are much more receptive to unfamiliar situations and will adjust more easily to all of the sights, sounds and smells they’ll encounter in a grooming salon. Slow introductions to grooming early on will set them up for a lifetime of stress free pampering.

This is why we are offering puppies between the ages of 8 and 20 weeks

For a one time fee of $150:

  • Unlimited Nail Trims
  • Unlimited Premium Baths
  • Unlimited Mini-Grooms

Each visit will also include a spritz of pet-safe cologne and a bow or bandana. Keep your new family member fresh and tidy while also gently easing them into the world of grooming.

This promotion is for nail trims, premium baths, and mini-groom services only. We understand that sometimes life gets busy and before you know it Fluffy’s hair has become matted. If full grooming services are required due to coat a discount of 25% will be applied to the full grooom price. The owner will be notified if this is the case prior to services rendered.

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